!! Due to frequent reports of seamoss exploding during transit, all seamoss shipping outside of GA will be sent in a plastic jar. We strongly advise transferring to a mason jar upon delivery!! Local pick-up/delivery options still available. Thanks for the continued support ❤️



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Picked from the area surrounding an underwater volcano off the cost of Grenada. NEVER FARM RAISED. In turn, our sea moss contains the same volcanic benefits (rich in silver gold, copper, zinc) as our volcanic herbs.
16oz Sea Moss Gel
-Contains 92 out of 102 minerals and vitamins we need
-Boosts immunity
-Nourishes hair, nails, and skin
-Reduces inflammation 
-Helps to eliminate mucus
-Suppresses appetite/weight loss
-Improves nutrient absorption
-Aids in digestion
-Lowers blood pressure
-Guards against cancer
-Promotes good cholesterol 
-High antioxidant levels
Read More http://www.detoxandcure.com/top-10-benefits-of-seamoss/

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rita Hamilton

Hi...enjoying it. How long can I keep it? Can I freeze it in the jar? I have had it 3 weeks..not much left.

Pleased customer!!

The delivery was fast!! The strawberry seamoss is actually not bad..It's pretty tasteless, tbh! Id order a different flavor next time just to try something different and that has more of a fruity taste. Just order!!😋🥰

Rev. Richard D. White, Jr.

It taste great and I am thankful…

Estela Abreu

my daughter & I favorite one is this one, all can taste is the strawberry and she enjoy it. she says it taste like strawberry apple sauce. :) (mind you she is 6)

Geniece Ogunnubi
Strawberry and blueberry seamoss

Man when I tell you this company did they thing ! They did ! My kids and myself loved it ! At first I was scared to try it out because I was thinking it maybe a crazy taste but it wasn’t ! And the shipping was right on time ! Thank you for providing your service for my family and I will be ordering again💜🥰